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Other Managed Service Offerings
Whether you are relocating your business, or ensuring that all your multi-vendor services work well together, you will need to bring in the professionals. Our ALIT Additional Managed Services offer the perfect solution to provide a deeper level of specialized services for people and businesses just like you.
Web Hosting
Effectively manage your website with Austin Lane site hosting options that include daily site backups, telephone support, secure servers, POP email, and registration with top search engines and FTP access
Cloud Backup Services
Our team offers a multitude of options when it comes to choosing a cloud provider you can trust. We actively monitor and test your data backs ups so you’re never at risk of losing critical information.
Anti-Virus/Anti-Malware Services
Our multi-layered, advanced security helps protect your organization against existing and emerging malware virus threats to your devices, and help protect your most sensitive business information
Email SPAM Filtering Service
Protect your organization’s most important communication method with our SPAM filtering service that provides you with virus and malware filtering, email encryption, data loss prevention, and email continuity.
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Frequently Asked Questions
How does your IT Support process work?
  • Our IT Support process is designed to be as easy as possible for our clients. All client-reported issues are responded to in a reasonable commercial effort based within the hours of support plan coverage. The ticket priority is described below:
  • Priority 1 (Responds within 1 hour): Failure of the product during operation to meet documented functional requirements such that no useful work can be done or causes some primary major function of the software to become disabled. No work-around
  • Priority 2 (Responds within 2 hours): Failure of the product during operation to meet documented functional requirements which involves the loss of critical functionality in the software. Acceptable work-around available.
  • Priority 3 (Scheduled time): This priority is only used in requesting work orders for software customization, scheduling version upgrades, moving servers, etc.
  • You call the shots with ALIT Support. For every support call you make to us, you decide the priority, because we are in the business of saving you time. You may also call, email, or utilize the interactive Client Support Portal to enter a ticket. We stand ready to come onsite to your organization’s physical location as well, because all of our IT services are managed in-house at our office located right here in Denton, Texas.
What do your managed IT services cost?
  • Our pricing is totally dependent on what your organization needs to get your technology up to date, secure, and streamlined. We provide a free initial network consultation to evaluate what you currently have, and then prepare an accurate quote for your organization’s needs. We work collaboratively with you to ensure success in your technology investment.
Do you offer consumer-level repair service?
  • Austin Lane Managed IT Services is a Network Maintenance Provider, and therefore do not service direct consumers. We do not offer "break/fix" services, and our clients are local businesses and organizations, rather than direct consumers.
What type of clients do you work with?
  • We serve a wide variety of industries including legal, non-profit, manufacturing, construction, architectural, government, insurance, real estate, financial, oil & gas, and automotive. Our clients typically have at least 10 workstations and one server in the DFW area.
Who are your technology partners?
  • We are a certified Microsoft Partner and have long lasting industry relationships with Barracuda, Meraki, Cisco, Dell, Xerox, Microsoft 365, TSPlus, IGel Thin Clients, Ubiquiti, and more.
Can Austin Lane support our smartphones?
  • Typically, clients are looking for calendar, contacts, and email to be setup on these types of devices. It is Austin Lane’s position to provide 15 minutes of support on any type of need. Smartphones are not part of the network support agreement and after the 15 minutes further work on the device would be considered outside of coverage of the agreement.